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  • Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

    Stress is a part of everyday life and comes from a number of places: the pressure of work, maintaining relationships, conflict, illness, managing finances, time constraints, internal pressures and expectations, children and concerns about the world around us. Anywhere really! Stress is not only generated by what is happening to us but also how we

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  • Managing Uncomfortable Emotions

    Managing Uncomfortable Emotions

    Emotions are a complex but necessary part of the human experience. From a functional perspective emotions help to guide our behaviour and our relationships with others, which from an evolutionary perspective has helped with our survival. Regulated by a region of our brain called the limbic system, they involve a complicated interplay between our thoughts,

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  • Solution focussed brief therapy

    Solution focussed brief therapy

    Solution focussed brief therapy in Applecross, Mount Pleasant and other Perth’s suburbs. Solution focused brief therapy is an approach to counselling that is brief and effective. Research shows it to bring about lasting change on average in less than 5 sessions and in up to 83% of referrals. It can be brief because it is

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