You will be glad you made the move

relationship counselling perth

Many couples feel disillusioned by the loss of magic that is present in the early days of a relationship and wish to find that spark again. Others are aware that their busy lives get in the way of their relationship, leaving them feeling disconnected and needing some one on one time to reconnect with each other away from distraction.

There are also couples trying desperately to save their marriage or long term relationship; to avoid separation or divorce and the breaking up of a family. Many of these couples attend therapy as a way to better understand themselves and their spouses; to learn how they have changed over the years and become aware of how the relationship has changed. Mount Pleasant Counselling Centre offer all of us, whatever our relationship status, the opportunity to check in with each other and to get back on the same page with regards to lifestyle, family, intimacy and future.

Here’s what you will gain from therapy:

 New communication skills. Often we develop destructive patterns of relating that trigger undesirable responses in ourselves and in others. During couples therapy you will learn new communication skills that help break these destructive patterns and make positive changes in your relationship.

Understanding needs and wants; it is all about reciprocation. Over time we learn to cope by suppressing our needs and wants for the sake of the relationship, and for some peace and quiet. This breakdown in communication is often the start of the breakdown in the relationship. Therapy will help you identify your own needs and wants from the relationship and help you develop the ability to be open about asking them be fulfilled. You will also learn to be open and responsive to your partner’s needs and wants and help them fulfil those.

Developing a deeper sense of yourself and your partner. This is an essential part of reclaiming trust, intimacy and passion in a relationship. You will learn many skills, including active listening that can help foster trust and return passion and intimacy into your relationship.

Know yourself and know your partner. Your personality differences are part of what makes your relationship meaningful. Becoming aware of and understanding how your different personalities may lead to conflict and how as a couple you can work on overcoming such conflicts.

Fostering intimacy and sexual connection. You will learn how to identify and remove blocks to intimacy and sexual connection. Many participants find the quiet time together and the open communication can itself help bring back the intimacy and spark sexual connection.