Psychological assessments are an effective tool in determining the extent to which a person, couple or family are experiencing psychological, emotional or functional difficulties. They can be used to address a wide range of social and personal issues that may be impacting on an individual’s health, relationships, wellbeing and productivity.

Family Court Assessments

Eliza has specialist knowledge and expertise in working with children and families experiencing relationship difficulties after separation. Eliza can provide thorough individual and family assessment through face-to-face consultation and provide single expert witness reports to the family court. These assessments examine the dynamics within a family, looking at issues such as the quality of attachment between family members, and alliances and conflicts within the family. Independent reports can be provided to ensure fair representation throughout the Court process.

Trauma Assessment

Assessments for trauma can be provided for individuals who have experienced any form of traumatic event. These may include events such as motor vehicle accidents, workplace injury, bullying or cyber-bullying, sexual harassment or sexual assault, or being a victim of other crimes. Individuals may require these assessments and subsequent reports for criminal injuries compensation claims, return to work cases, Court requirements or for personal use with a view to on-going psychological treatment and counselling. Eliza is trained to recognise, assess and treat both acute and chronic trauma symptoms.

Quality of Eliza’s reporting is ensured through:

  • Face to face consultation and assessment
  • The use of psychometric test material where appropriate
  • Interviews of all parties deemed necessary
  • Thorough review of medical records and reports provided
  • Consultation with referrers to ensure clear understanding of requirements for the report to be provided
  • Clear, concise and objective assessment and reporting
  • Prompt and efficient service ensuring reports provided within 4 weeks of completion of assessments and interviews.
  • Medicare and private health cover rebates where applicable.

For further information about Eliza’s Psychological Assessment and Reporting service or to make an appointment contact Eliza on 0417910911.